Hello fine person on the internet wondering if Spooky Pinball is a real company and stuff... Thank you for taking the time to read the random ramblings of some nut job that owns a pinball company. So yeah, this website probably isn't the most polished thing you've ever seen but hey... we made it ourselves with the help of another crazy retired guy whom I hope to join one day! Assuming the stress and pressure of pinball doesn't kill me first right?! Hahahaa!!! Yeah ... that's kinda funny but fairly realistic. 

Anyway, we're glad you found us... we realize there are bigger pinball companies out there, but we're striving to provide the best games, best service, and most fun you can possibly have smacking a ball around inside a wooden cabinet. Your support means we'll get to keep doing what we've been doing since February 1st of 2013... WORKING HARD TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! :-)