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International Spooky Pinball Fang Club Membership (INCLUDES SHIPPING!) (NOT US OR CANADA)

Part Number: 13.3
Price: $95.00
Status: Available
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Join the creepiest club in the crypt....The Spooky Fang Club! 

Fang Club Package Includes...
  • Super Cool Something We Haven't Announced Yet!
  • 2 Week Early Buy In On Our Next Game Launch! (Coming Soon!)
  • Fang Club Exclusive Access to Blood Sucker Editions of New Game Launches
  • (Dis)Membership Card
  • Exclusive Fang Club Keychain
  • Free Shipping!
A HUGE thank you to Mr. Bill Rude for doing another FANTASTIC design for us! To check out more of his work visit IG: @7hellsLA and Facebook: facebook.com/7hells. THANK YOU BILL!! 

***May take up to 2 hours for your membership to process. You will not be able to make any club exclusive purchases until your membership has processed!***

To get in on this year's goodies, you MUST be signed up by August 1st. Your membership is nonrefundable and nonreturnable after you have received your goodies for the year. If you wish to not renew after your first year, you can cancel your membership. If you have a credit card that is going to expire before the next billing date, please contact squirrel@spookypinball.com and we will put in a new credit card number for you.

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